My husband and I both run our own business and both businesses are thriving, Praise God! Because we are both so busy and caught up in the responsiblities of two successful businesses, it has caused us to suffer within our family. I started Pride Rock so that I would be home and available for my kids. Now my kids are older and very mobile, which means I am not part of their lives as much because I can't go anywhere. My oldest is a Senior this year and I have already missed a couple of very important things he was involved in for the last time.

Nothing changes about the reservations and phone number for now. If you need to make reservation go to the web site or call 970-309-5100. As of January 5th, the kennel will no longer be accepting reservations.

I thank God every day for the oppurtunity I had. I got to meet some of the most loving families any dog could ask for. Your dogs kept me smiling when the days weren't going so well. I will miss walking your dogs in the rain, snow, mud, and wind that would knock you right off a mountain side. The dogs never cared about the weather, they also forced me to be outside even when I was sick, which helped me get better by the way. I could go on and on about what your families have done for me. I could also go on and on about your wonderful dogs. I am not going to though.

I love my job, but I need to be here for my boys. So I start a new chapter in my book of live. I am sure I will see you all around town, I hope I do.

Take Care and God Bless, Jenn

TITUS, the kennel mascot... has passed.
(12/19/2003 - 7/17/2012) In loving memory (video)
(See Wendy)   (Meet JD)

Titus has earned his Senior Hunting title, Canine Dog Excellence Title, Versatility Title, Working Certificate, Rally Obedience Excellence Title.
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